Do you treat gentlemen clients? Yes certainly, gentlemen clients  are very welcome by referral. Can you come to my home? Yes, that’s no problem. I just need space to set up  my couch and an electric socket for the heated  couch and music if it is required for the treatment.  Depending on your location, I may need to charge  for mileage.  Do you offer pamper parties at my home? Indeed I do. Please see my Pamper Parties page on the above menu bar. Is there anything I should do after my treatment? I recommend that you drink plenty of water after  your treatment , rest if possible,  and avoid alcohol  or stimulants for 12 - 24 hours afterwards. If I need to cancel my appointment, is there a cancellation fee? I request that you give at least 48 hours notice of  cancellation. This will enable me to offer the  appointment to another client who may be waiting.  A 50% cancellation fee may be charged if less  than 24 hours notice is given and missed  appointments may be charged at the full  appointment fee. This is purely because I am  unlikely to be able to fill the appointment with less  than 24 hours notice.   I appreciate your co-operation in helping to  achieve an efficient and fair booking system.   How can complimentary therapies help me? Some of the health problems that can be helped  with the therapies I offer can be general stress  and anxiety, migraines and headaches, insomnia,  thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, IBS, pain  relief and a whole range of other ailments. One of  the key benefits is that complimentary therapies  can provide a feeling of well-being and provide the  support to help alongside clinical treatments.  Can I buy a gift voucher? I offer gift vouchers for all of my therapies,  please just let me know how much you want to  spend and I can tailor this to a treatment or  course of treatments CONTRA INDICATIONS What are contra-indications? Below, I have listed some of the contra-  indications for each of my treatments.  I will always ask some brief medical questions  and will consult with you before any therapies  are carried out:- Natural Facelift Pregnancy, no massage of any kind in  the first 3 months and also if there is a  history of miscarriage or other  complications (GP referral will be  required) High temperature, infections or fever  Infectious skin disorders eg chicken  pox, colds etc Local pain ,eg severe toothache  Cancer, HIV and Aids  Severe bruising of the face or neck Severe acne Procedures such as Botox in the  previous 3 weeks Cuts and open wounds of the face or  neck Head and Shoulder Massage Fever and high temperature  Acute infectious deiseases Skin or scalp infections  Recent haemorrhage  Recent head or neck injury  Thrombosis or embolism  Undiagnosed lumps, bumps or swellings  Reiki There are no real contra-indications for Reiki and  it can be used to assist with most illnesses and  times when you need a lift.  Thai Foot Massage The following conditions can only be treated with  Thai Foot Massage once they have been  approved in writing by your GP prior to  treatment:-  Severe circulatory problems eg very high  blood pressure Pregnancy  Arthritis of the feet or lower legs Diabetes  Recent haemorrhage or swellings  Recent surgical operations  Receiving medical treatment or have a  condition which may be contra indicated  by the treatment, such as HIV infection,  MS, epilepsy or cancer  Infectious skin disorders  Can your therapies help to cope with serious long term illness? Yes they can. Complimentary therapies are by  nature very useful for supporting patients and  helping them to cope with serious long term  illnesses such as cancer, dementia, MS,  Parkinsons disease etc. Benefits include:-  Comfort from touch, talk and time  Feeling more in control  Boosting the immune system  Helping control the side effects of  treatment  Staying positive  “My treatments are very personally geared to my clients needs. If you have any questions at all, please ask at any time”