AVOCADOS CAN HELP KEEP YOU YOUNG Avocados could be a weapon in the fight against ageing and disease, say scientists.  Oil from the fruit was shown in tests to combat free radicals – dangerous molecules  said to have a hand in everything from ageing to heart disease and cancer.  These are particularly common inside mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses in our cells  that turn the food we eat into energy. Many ‘antioxidant’ chemicals in vegetables and fruits such as carrots and tomatoes  can mop up free radicals – but they can’t make their way inside mitochondria (source - Daily Mail)  SOYA MILK CAN PROTECT THE LIVER FROM DANGEROUS BUILD UP OF FAT Soya milk is not just good for those who are lactose intolerant - researchers have  Scientists in the US compared the livers of lean and obese rats fed a diet containing either milk or soy  protein.  No differences were seen in lean animals. But obese rats fed soy showed a 20 per cent reduction in overall  levels of fat accumulation in the liver.   Triglycerides, a type of fat known to be harmful to the heart, were reduced by the same level. This means  soya could protect against 'fatty liver disease', a condition linked to obesity that can lead to liver failure.  Study leader Dr Hong Chen, from the University of Illinois, said: 'Almost a third of American adults have fatty  liver disease, many of them without symptoms. Obesity is a key risk factor for this condition, which can lead to liver failure. (source - Daily Mail)  Seasonal Offer Deeply relaxing Head and Shoulder Massage combined with Reiki treatment - NOW ONLY £30 Pamper Parties The pamper parties are becoming very popular for clients young and old. I have recently had the opportunity to provide tailored parties for a young ladies 16th birthday party and also for a group of senior citizens! To find out how I can tailor a party for you and your friends, just click the banner to the left for more information