Combining energy based pressure point techniques with more traditional massage strokes. In addition to focusing on the head, this treatment also targets the upper back, shoulders and neck area - common areas of the body where tension gathers. This massage is particularly helpful for relieving tension in these areas. Thai foot massage treatment has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology and Chinese massage. The treatment uses hands-on stretching and massage along with the use of a traditional Thai foot stick to stimulate the reflex points. A great stress reliever! Many people have heard of the term ‘Everything is going South’  referring to the skin losing elasticity. Well now you can do something to help stem the tide. A gentle face massage using highly refined techniques, helps to relieve deep seated tension. The technique is often referred to as a face lift without the need for surgery. Head and Shoulder Massage Reiki                Thai Foot Massage Reiki treatments work holistically to help your body self heal using it’s own amazing abilities. Complimentary therapies such as Reiki can help you to enhance your wellbeing and assist in achieving a more balanced, healthy and stress free lifestyle.